Yea yea yeaaa

Its just the little things baby

I'm catchin a flight from l.a.
It's been three weeks since i've seen your face
Touchin down at a quater past three
Lucky you, you must be home asleep
I wait for my bags they takin so long
Bout to call a cab to take me home
Thats when i feel a touch from behind
Turn around your right before my eyes
Standin there i cant believe you came
Its three oclock in the mornin and its pourin rain(theres something about it)
The kind of love you bring cant put my finger on it
I guess it must be all these things

The little things that you do
They make my heart beat for you(all these things)
The little things mean so much
You remind each time we touch(its all the little things)
All the little things that you do
Yea yea

I sleep through the mornin and wake up at two
Just cant wait to spend the day with you
I head downstairs and the first thing i see
Theres a note there that waitin sayin
Theres a concert tonight i thoudht you'd want to go
I hear that alicia's got a real good show
Sometimes it seems you think of everything
You never cease to amaze me
You know im loving all these things


All the things you do(all the things, all the things that you do pretty baby)
Keep me lovin you(oooohhh yeaaaa)
All these things


All these things
Ooohh yeaa

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