i heard
a spanish melody
along nogales street
in the shadows
the accordion man
danced on the keys
with his
long brown hands
playin' a song
just for you and me
down in nogales

i put a dollar
in his empty hat
then we sat on a wall
scared off
an old stray cat
we saw the clouds roll in
from the gulf of Mexico
the wind was singing
and the sky
was turning black
down in nogales

and in your hand
you were holding
a flower you found
on the side of the road
you were twirling
it round and around
and i
i was dreaming of you
seeing you smiling
and laughing and then
the rain came down

down in nogales
the rain fell
on the bright umbrellas
and the tombstones
and the statues near
the graveyard walls
where the weeds grow
and the raven calls
and the tall girl talking
in the long blue dress
on her cell phone
down in nogales

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