I've sat in alleyways
And spoke to buildings
I've worn a womans body
To provoke a male
I've spread emotion lotion
On ma feelings
To clean the river
That's running thru me
I'd like to sail on the ocean of love
But the wind said :
"this boat aint goin nowhere
Without a breeze"
My mind
Has been twisted
And deformed by someone
I met by complete chance
In a bluebell field
I'd like to hold you tight
Hold you close
Cover your mouth
Burn all your clothes
Walkin naked thru a bluebell field
So much laughter
Should intensify the real
Walkin naked thru a bluebell field
I'd like to kiss your hips
Lick your lips
Shed my soul
+ blind fold ya
I'd like to fuck your aura
And when i have the time
I'd like to unscrew your mind
I'd like to tell your mama
Tell your pa
Bout the "thangs" we did
In their backyard

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