Toe to toe



Wiz press the button

Yo wiz press the button down with your nose

Play i'm gonna need a little more energy from you


Ladies and gentlemen martin lawrence


This is marin lawrence's first video visit to a
Recording studio

And his last

Verse 1:
Toe to toe kid 'n play's on a roll again
It's only right that we keep the crowd dancin'
The rhymes are dope the tempo is steady
You ready let's rip up the floor like confetti
Cause we'ed never fess or front
When it's time to get hyped on the mic or on a fly dance tip
Paid to entertain ya never short change ya
But if you run out of breath it means danger
Now i seen alotta kick step impressionist
But i'm not impressed so i guess that it must be a diss
Get it together we might seem soft but we ain't havin' it
Kid 'n play get takin' out i can't imagine it
Set the rcord strait as an arrow
I see alotta dancers but the floor is narrow
So wiz give me a scratch and drop the beat
And check the meters so we can show them who's the dance leaders
We're letting you know we're ready to go so get up
You thought you were hot
Played with fire and got lit up
Round for round, step for step, show for show
Kid 'n play's ready to go toe to toe

Verse 2:
Kid the mic master dance perfectionist
Split, drop, twist like a gold metalist
Even though legandary as i might be
Suckas wanna try and kick step all over me
First i ignore them and try to be cool about it
But here i am at a club man it's too crowded
Back up chump better give me ten pases
Gonna let you know who's runnin' this stage
It's kid a dope crowd pleaser
Been dancin' since my hightop fade was a ceasar
You try to diss i'ma get destuctive
Walk in with a bubble man i'm gonna bust it
One by one wack dancers i'm callin' off
Yo play see anybody over there fallin' off
I didn't think so he tryed to wink yo
Ain't nobody here takin' my rank so chill
Or you're gonna force my hand on the floor
Prepare for som torture man
Just kickin' in stereo and video
That's how you know we're ready to go toe to toe

Verse 3:

Play's gonna settle the score 'cause i'ma floor wrecka
You can't give more 'cause you're a poor stepper
Watch me shift gears here's an example
The oraginal tramp is gonna trample hard
Prepare to get scared i wear a medium
Come on play you know you large
Now that may well be but, my mind tells me
To step with pep each time i here a bell see
Dj wiz conductin' like a band leader
That boy's a man eatter he makes the jams sweeter
Toe to toe let's throw like a slugfest
And when wr're done we'll see who cuts a rug best
Go for it let nothin' stop ya
Just slamin' and jammin' like the phantom of the opera
Out of the blue comming thru like a champ at it
After the house party the boy's still trampin'
Competition done it's automatic
If you got beef or want to start static
With the brothers with the high and low cameos
That's how you know we're ready to go toe to toe

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