Hello old friend oh this is so like you
To drop back in you're right on time
How have I been well that can of worms ain't worth
Opening leave it at fine ah just fine ooh I'm just fine

So how bout you how bout those big dreams
Did some come true according to plan
Are you married yet ah I thought you'd be by now
I forget what was her name
Ah what was her name ooh good ol' what's her name

And is it me you want for
You just lonely well aren't we all
I like the way you sound straight
Out of lost and found glad you called

You made me smile hell I laughed right out loud
And it's been a while and it feels real good
You know what I'd wish were I the wishin' kind
You'd take a trip down to my neighborhood
Ooh my neighborhood ooh come on down to my neighborhood

And is it me you want for...
Hello old friend

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