What is there to say
When in front of you there lays
A strong path that paved your way
Now shattered lost shades of grey
I guess I missed her
This overgrown sister
With no cement in the mixture
Well let me paint this dark picture
They weren't men
They were duds
There was blood
Fed and thugs wed her calm heart
And now she’s laying in the dark
In a pool of filth
I found a body in the dark
I found her body in the dark

I guess it’s my turn to burn through
The rest of these funny days
I stress when my turn to
Earn you a better life runs astray
I can’t say what’s right
But understand the pain that enslaves
It hasn’t hit me as easily
As some might say

We all find a day
To slip away
You pour your heart, your aching soul
Where I stay bold
Look for the times you took to hold
My naked soul
Deep sea diver
Born skiver
Two month fiver
I’ve hurt everyone but you
I see things simple
But it only rekindles
These dark shades of blue
It’s the darkest shade of blue
It’s the darkest shade of blue

It hasn’t hit me in the same way
It hasn’t hit me
There was not much else to say
It hasn’t hit me but I still feel the pain
It hasn’t hit me
There was not much more to say
Has this hit?

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