Nothing to regret tomorrow, nothing to regret. you'll find me
Making no demand or claim upon you.
Kiss me and forget. kiss me and forget.
Kiss me while you may. tomorrow is another day, so, while you're
Glowing with the sweet, warm flame upon you
Let it burn away. let its light be short and gay.

Just once around the clock and then goodbye, dear. love likes to
Fly by night so let it fly, dear.
Love likes to fly by night so let it fly, dear and when it's
Over bid me goodbye, dear.

Just once around the clock as happy strangers who seek the joys
Of life without its dangers.
Just once around the clock, let beauty lead you and when it's
Over, darling, god speed you.
Just as we met with the coming of the moonlight, we'll part with
The rising of the sun.

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