This is the longest beer of the night and in the east i think i
See some light,
And pretty soon i know the sun will shine and i know a bar that
Opens promptly at nine?at nine.

I guess two six-packs wasn't enough 'cause right about now the
Goin' really gets rough
And some early bird is happy callin' his mate and i wish i knew
A bar that opened promptly at eight.

Maybe i was just a fool thinkin' i could drown you outa my mind
But the longest part of the day is just before nine?before nine.

I can see the dew that's settlin' onto the ground and if i'm not
Careful your mem'ry's gonna come 'round
And that's the reason i just gotta stay tight, so i'm just
Nursin' the longest beer of the night.
Yeah, i'm nursin' the longest beer of the night.

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