Oh, let the midnight special, shine her light on me. oh, let the
Midnight special shine her everlovin' light on me.

Well, if you ever go to texas you better walk straight. you
Better not stop. hey! you better not wait
For the sheriff will arrest you and your head he'll pound.
You'll wake up in the morning; the prison walls all around.


Well, you wake up in the morning and they take you to the train.
You better answer to the captain when he calls your name.
Then your guts are gonna get you and your body's gonna shake but
They got you on a big chain, so you can't escape.


Yonder comes my woman. how in the world do i know? well, i know
Her by her wiggle and the dress she wore.
The last time that i was with her, she made me jump and shout.
I'm gonna whip that captain. watch me jump on out!

(chorus twice)

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