Just a-singin', (Once again now,) (Just a-singin',) (A-singin',)
Ooo, sail away. Ooo, sail away.

A man would be a fool to spend all his money and have to go to
sea once more.
But when those brown skin gals start callin' you honey, you'll
be a sailin' from that shore.


When we hit Trinidad, was there I met Marni. Don't you know we
started drinkin' rum.
But now I feel so bad. She took all my money and now I sail with
the mornin' sun.

So all ye sailor lads who want to go sportin', mark ye well what
I do say.
Don't trust them brown skin gals. They'll be your misfortune.
You'll be at sea till your dyin' day.


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