I met a nice old man today, oh, yes, oh, and he sure had a lot
To say, a good long time ago.
I've led a soldier's occupation, oh, yes, oh, in every part of
This big nation, a good long time ago.
I've seen the world and roamed its placed, oh, yes, oh. i guess
I've been in a million places, a good long time ago.
But there are times when soldiering gets lonely, you long for
Friendly company.
So when you find an unfamiliar city, here's advice that always
Worked for me.

When your train gets into town, oh, yes, oh, just make a bee
Line to the pound, a good long time ago.
Don't just wander helter-skelter, oh, yes, oh, seek the nearest
Animal shelter, a good long time ago.
You soon will find the truest of companions. a little dog can
Melt a heart of stone.
Just when you think you're up a dreary canyon, a puppy's love
Can bring you close to home.

Find a store and buy some twine, oh, yes, oh. now tie the doggie
To the line, a good long time ago.
Thus prepared for any weather, oh, yes, oh. dog and man will
Stand together, a good long time ago.
For mothers warn their daughters of the dangers of soldiers in
Their quest for girls.
Never, never speak to strangers unless their from the canine

A sweet young maid in passing by, oh, yes, oh, saw my smile but
Made no reply, a good long time ago.
The puppy fixed his gaze upon her, oh, yes, oh, two steps more
And she was a goner, a good long time ago.
The sands of time have swept away the heart aches, the tears,
The parting, and the pain.
The pup i gave her for a keep sake will always remind me of
What's her name (what's her name?)

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