South coast, the wild coast, is lonely. you may win at the game
At jolon,
But the lion still rules the barranca, and a man there is always

My name is juan hano de castro. my father was a spanish
But i won my wife in a card game, when a man lost his daughter
To me.

I picked up the ace. i had won her! my heart, which was down
At my feet
Jumped up to my throat in a hurry- like a warm summers' day, she
Was sweet.

Her arms had to tighten around me as we rode up the hills from
The south.
Not a word did i hear from her that day- or a kiss from her
Pretty red mouth.

We came to my cabin at twilight. the stars twinkled out on the
She soon loved the valley- the orchard- but i knew that she
Loved me the most.

Then i got hurt in a landslide with crushed hip and twice-broken
She saddled our pony like lightning- rode off in the night, all

The lion screamed in the barranca; the pony fell back on the
My young wife lay dead in the moonlight. my heart died that
Night with my
Daughters were possessions, to be bet away or arranged marriages
For; also, note
The use of "young wife" in the final stanza. her
Shyness- "had to tighten"-
And her silent reticence but adaptable "soon loved..."
Indicates no previous
And "lost his daughter to me" indicates her origin,
Whereas "to hell with
The lords o'er the sea" seems thrown in. if this man were
A sailor, why would
He have established orchards?

Just a thought. i'd really like to see the original music if it
Were available.
The concept of betting away a daughter was my first exposure to
The concept of
Women as property and the sung stuck with me my whole life. (i
Was the oldest
Only daughter and i was afraid of the possibility; i was 9 and
The chorus,
For one word, and the storyline, and the tune have stayed with
Me for the last
25 years; it influenced my major "women's studies")

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