I had a sister sally, she was younger than i am. had so many
Sweethearts, she had to deny them.
But as for sister sarah, you know she hasn't many. and if you
Knew her heart, she'd grateful for any.

Come a lands man, a pins man, a tinker or a tailor; doctor, a
Lawyer, soldier, or sailor.
A rich man, a poor man, a fool or a witty, don't let her die an
Old maid but take her out of pity.

We had a sister sally, she was ugly and misshapen. by the time
She was sixteen years old she was taken.
By the time she was eighteen, a son and a daughter. sarah's
Almost twenty-nine, never had an offer.


She never would be scoldin'. she never would be jealous. her
Husband would have money to go to the alehouse.
He was there a-spendin'. she'd be home a-savin' and i leave it
Up to you if she is not worth havin'.


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