Will you still love me if i don't do coke? will you be my friend
If i don't smoke?
I can't help it if it makes me choke. will you love me if i
Don't do coke?

I know it's hip to snort a line or two. it makes you feel good
When you get through.
There's nothing else i wouldn't do for you. remember, that means
There's more left for you.

Well, i've seen red freaks and head freaks of every description.
Some are pros who grow their own and some use a perscription.
They rationalize when everyone lies for saying its hip
Just start your smoke and snort enough for a four day trip.

So, if you want some amyl nitrate or smoke some hash or wrap it
Up and save it for your private stash
Or sell it to your friends for some spending cash or use it in
Your car for gas.

(interlude, then chorus)

Well, you can go and blow your pay check up your nose. sit
Around and wonder where your money goes.
And talk your neighbors ears off 'til the roster crows and
Wonder why everyone is moving so slow.

(repeat 1st verse)

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