Useless words are going away,
to the waters of this sea
while your breath is getting cold
And an empty field around
tells 'bout flowers you have loved,
bringing flowers to your dusk
while your days are vanishing
lost somewhere among the tides
of your shining (and) hurting sky.

So your voice is calling now
and I can't believe it's happening here
In/at the end of this old night
while your hands begin to pray
in a new sun without light

And your shade is getting close(r)
Wrapped in those forgotten dreams
(It) gets clearer...
writing smiles on my lost lands
under grey and bitter rains
leading my eyes to the end.

And the room is getting bright
and I can't... I can't explain myself why
Now you're floating in the air
Now your laughing in the air
with your inexpressive voice

Who am I talking to?
Know your baby is just a lost name for/to you
Know your love is not a ray,
(it) couldn't shine in any sky
on this endless awful day.

So I'll bring them all your tears
as they should have seen the world
with these eyes
with the eyes of unknown years
Paint the horizon with your terror,
with your litanies of fear.

You gave me heaven, so you must die
You gave me hell, so you must die.
You gave me the whole world.
You had no mercy and who has no mercy must die.

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