He sets off surrounded by the black rays of death
Staring at it moment after moment
While his soul is watching over ancient starless skies
Whose life was it?
He knows it, he knows it all
He doesn't judge
But knows every single thing
Sunlight chokes up his heart
Surrounding him with buffoonery and wickedness
He walks on the never ending sun
He is exhaused
He neither bows nor rejoices once neart death
Never a tear on his face nor any dream through his mind
Same old pallor running across his ghostly silence
Giving him austerity and charming aversion
He's got the features of a Hollywood star
When gnelte and bored he's walking with different elegance
Towards the tracks of the eternal shadow
His blue silk refined coats don't loose composure
In front of a Nikon D-50 automatic flashes
And.. he vaguely slightly waves with his hand
Thus not discouraging the beasts around him
But, now, the onlookers' breathing is getting troubled
And alarmed...
The coroner knows that once the rays of the sun grow dim
It is time to enjoy the end of the film.

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