I have looked at the light
one last time into the light
as I had nothing to lose.
Colours, show me those killing
friends of your best hours,
the special depth of your soul.
Amaze me with your voice
the same one I've ever heard
among invisible... colours.
But today you're elsewhere.

I don't know why every star is
a failure
shining in somebody's hidden
Oh sure, so your dreams come
So, I'm waiting still,
So, I'm seeing this great show,
blessing your kind soul.

No, there is no chance to talk
to my dog,
as everybody says I've to await
my turn...
All that you touch sounds,
all that you tell shines,
wonderful night friend
what may we do, now?!?
Bringing tears to your eyes
believe me it's so sad...
Then I no longer
expected you to come.
Sure, we will have fun
leafing through your pages...
My dear sweet blue eyes,
for sure you didn't know
that mercy itself is here.
So love me, dear ghost
on this opaque shore.
The head of my dog
will be our great food.

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