Everybody is sleeping now
I've been traveling for hours
Outskirts' first lights start to appear down there
I've always liked these cold and gloomy underpasses.
But i think i would like to fly away
Yes, i think i would like to fly away.
I don't know what they're dreaming about
I don't know how they are able to sleep.
We have been talking a lot, today
We have been laughing more than ever.
These lost nights
These lost nights succeed in calming me down.
Some days ago we have lost the way,
We had been going the wrong way
So, we decided to stop there
Drawing up the car to the side
Then we lit a cigarette
Remaining there for a while
Countryside was so flat
Flat and quiet
There was no hill around
That pale sun
And corn was slightly rippling.
We'll wake up a bit later, tomorrow
Tonight we sleep more.
Yes, we'll keep on dreaming
Keep on dreaming.

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