(sung)Tomorrow was to be my wedding day, but I gave my wedding dress away
Another will be holding my bouquet, and I gave my wedding dress away.
My baby sister wanted him, and so she took my place
It's worth my broken heart to see, the smile upon her face
I've cared for her since Mother went away, so I have my wedding dress away.


Everything I always wanted, she always wanted too, and maybe giving in to her was not the thing to do. I always let her have her way, perhaps I wasn't strong, but I was all she had to turn to whenever things went wrong. She's all I have to live for, she's the only joy I ever had, and though she's hurt me many times, she really isn't bad. I saw the love light in her eyes, the day she met my "Jim" and then I knew that he belonged to her and she belonged to him.

(Sung) If I could win him back again, our love would be divine, but I would never break her heart the way that she broke mine. I'll worship him until my dying day, but I gave my wedding dress away.

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