I can see what's on your mind I can tell you every time you thought of leavin'
Thought that I just wait and see how long you keep deceiving me with all your cheatin'
Lots of times you'd almost slip but oh how quick those lying lips would cover up for you
All you have to do was say I'd like to pack and get away I've thought of leaving too
You don't have to tell me things I already knew
Every time your lips would lie your eyes would tell on you
Never even give our love a good chance to win till you were out and looking again

Before you go I'll tell you true I used to follow her and you your secret places
I wasn't too blinded to see you wanted her instead of me your happy faces
Yes it's over this is it might as well just call it quits you're free to go now
Hope she doens't think that she can hold you better than me you'll never slow down
You don't have to tell me things...
Yes it's over this is it...

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