Kafa Ayarý Yapmadan (Without Aligning The Head)

You're nagging
You're not listening
Not taking my commands
Stop, I said at last - break!
Lets take a look at your code
There's nothing wrong in fact
Everything seems to be in order
You don't see
You don't want to
You blink in blue and red

My eyes see no more
Lost between lines
Thought it over for nights
To understand why
An idea
A solution
if only you gave me some hope
Just when I said I lost all my hope - Aaaahh!

My love I found our problem
We forgot to align the head
Look how big of an irresponsibility
Look how irresponsible we were

My love, without aligning the head
We loaded this love over again
Black, yellow, green, blue, red
Lines we waited in front of
Didn't undersandt
Didn't think why
Ruined our precious time
We made it miserable