When you fall you're fallin' hard
And you won't know what it's gonna be
Next time you end up face down
With you head slightly under your feet
Where will you go when the door finally slumps you out
When you're feelin' and let 'em down
And I'm
Runnin' from it all

Don't you get a little tough
Lookin' back over your shoulder
Baby soon you'll realize
That it's all in your head but oh no no
Does your kickin' up ever fade away
Someone will pick you up and say
That it's okay
But you're runnin' from it all

I know you think you've got me down
Maybe you just lost yourself and don't know how
It's sometimes all taken out
Won't you take it catch your breath and you'll find out
That you're runnin' from yourself
Runnin' from yourself
Runnin' from yourself

Someday you will open up
Until that day I won't give up
Until you're done
Runnin' from it all

Oh oh
Runnin' from it all

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