Incomplete it all began
The broken state that I was in
I wished that I was someone else
Cause' I was lost inside myself
I started seeing who I am
The day my life with you began
You clearly solved the mystery
That finding you meant finding me.

God, I've fallen to my knees
I'm bowing at your feet
I give you all of me
In you I am complete
It's all because of love
I'm not who I was
I'm who I'm meant to be
In you I am complete

God who doesn't need at all
I heard your voice I felt Your call
It's echoing I can not shake you off.
The stars that shine they bear your name
They sing the song that gives you praise
You've captured me
My heart is lifting off

I've got to tell the world about the things
You've done
I want to shout it out, I'm going to live it now
Amazing grace is why I'm singing

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