I look around and I feel like, thing's changed
And I don't know why
Everyday that passes by I feel so far away.
I can see in the distance,
You have the rest of me
I put my trust in you, as I look beyond today
It's all becoming clear.

I do not belong in a world of broken pieces
I was meant to be in the arms of
Your redemption
I am moving on to the place of Your perfection
Cause I do not belong, no
I do not belong

When the world is behind me on the day that
I breathe my last
In the face of eternity there's
Hope cause' I believe
When I look to the heavens
And the future that you hold
It makes it easier to see beyond today
Now I'm looking to the sky

This world is not my home
I'm a stranger in this land
But I am not alone
When I do not belong…

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