You keep one talking bout these winter blues
All across the lowlands
People getting used to the walking in the daytime
While the little men go choose
Arrested fathers with their Monday heads
Get suspicious of the women who know more in bed
And the whole thing shows what the space race failed to prove

After the light show and the ball of flames
All the elephants go back to their poker games
And the money takes a one-way trip on a southbound train
Amazing brandy and the Ace of Spades
Talk to Dylan with the only who didn't get laid
And everyone agreed on the meaning behind the news
We're being used

I've never been here but the brochures' nice
Says the staff here is friendly but the management lies
And the ceiling comes free if we just get online and dice
Too many owners and not enough teams
Too many ideas and not enough wet wet wet dreams
So pu that wallet away cause i can't pay what's due
And nor can you
We're being used

I'd bow my head if the king walked by
But he'd better stay focued on the glint oin my eye
For his right hand man may taste a bullet and die
If immagration stops us getting through
Thenj we'll hit 'em with the joke bout the 2ft shoe
And if that doesn't work then we'll just hi 'em with the truth
Were bieng used

Heaven's got a porblem with the casting couch
Cause if God does the interview, You'd better watch out

It's a rumour right now
But Jesus won't you tell us the truth
We're being used

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