Donna open your eyes
Donna drop your disquise
Don't you see in my face
What you hear in my sighs
Thats my love escaping
Donna llisten to me
Donna see what i see
I'm so happy you smiled
I'm so happy you're here
There's no cloud between us...

Donna donna say yeah
Ohh madonna say yeah
I really want you for love
I really want you to stay...

Don't let my love escape you
You've got to take love when you can
If you let me go i don't know
If i could live like sand
Falling through your hand...

Donna donna say yeah
Mam madonna say yeah
If we could stay whwre we are
We could make it so far
I believe with all my heart...

Donna donna say yeah
Donna donna say yeah
Cause you´ve made me love you
And you´ve made me care...

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