Dancing, swinging, having fun
Chit chat and laughter all night long
Beautiful people, isn't it swell?
And the day after, I swear I'm in hell

Feeling delightful on top of the town
Smiling at every lost soul, nothing brings me down
Singing, nipping a glass of champagne
And in the morning, there comes the rain

'Caus I try to forget him and it suits me well
I focus on party and others ring my bell
But always it happens , don't know why, but I know when!
That good old sunday blues hits me again

Good old sunday blues
Know you for a while
You always make me cry
Never make me smile
Good old sunday blues,
Try something new
Take a sabbath year
Doesn't it sound cool?

Thinking 'bout those times far gone
How we used to love each other on and on
Boy I know I got to let it go
But when sunday comes this heart is saying no

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