Friday night we go jiving
The four of us girls were driving
To the place where we get our high heels on
My dress fits nice, our lips are wet
The hairstyle's fine and you can bet
We're gonna dance the night away

But all of a sudden
Feeling kinda hot
In your opinion: is he really looking my way or not?

Some call it love at first sight
Some say they knew it was right
Some like to picture it as romance
If you was me, it was only a glance

Even though it makes me shy
You catch me watching in the blink of an eye
Maybe we could take a chance
If you was me, it was only a glance

Why am I feeling warm inside?
Why do you haunt my dreams at night?
Why am I feeling feather light?
Could this be real love
with no one else above?

I wait 'till real love comes true
I don't think it will be you
I'm waiting for the man I love
He will be mine, no one else above

I call it love at first sight
I'm gonna say that I knew it was right
Sure I will picture it as romance
And don't you tell me it was only a glance

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