Carry On My Wayward Son
There'll Be Peace When You Are Done
Lay Your Weary Head to Rest
Don't You Cry no More
Once I Rose Above the Noise and Confusion
Just to Get a Glimpse Beyond This Illusion
I Was Soaring Ever Higher
But I Flew Too High
Though My Eyes Could See I Still Was a Blind Man
Though My Mind Could Think I Still Was a Mad Man
I Hear the Voices When I'm Dreaming
I Can Hear Them Say
Masquerading As a Man With a Reason
My Charade Is the Event of the Season
And If I Claim to Be a Wise Man, Well
It Surely Means That I Don't Know
On a Stormy Sea of Moving Emotion
Tossed About I'm Like a Ship On the Ocean
I Set a Course For Winds of Fortune
But I Hear the Voices Say
Carry On, You Will Always Remember
Carry On, Nothing Equals the Splendor
Now Your Life's no Longer Empty
Surely Heaven Waits For You

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