On a Night As I Lay Sleeping, in a Dream I
Saw the Shore of a Distant Land Where/
Promise Lay in Wait/ and I Heard The
Sound of Voices of a Million Hungry
Souls/ Now It Comes to Me to Lead Them to the Gate

But I Am Just a Man, Not Worthy of This
Plan / With a Strength That's Not My Own,
Imust Rise

And I...will Bear the Light, ( and The
Vision Leads Me Onward) / That
Blind....men Have Their Sight / I'd Sail A
Thousand Seas to Make It So

To the Kings I Gave the Mission, in The
Hope That They Would Share / in the Joy
Of Setting Countless Captives Free / But
The Lust For Gold and Power, Is Luring Us
Away / From a Calling That Began in Purity

And 'm Still Just a Man, Not Worthy Of
This Plan / With a Strength That's Not My
Own, I Must Rise

Now a Tempest Rages in My Heart, As This
Fever Furies On / Soon These Islands
Promise Rest and Hope, My Answers Wait
Beyond Their Shore / Dream On...

Hungry Eyes Are Standing On the Sand,
They Beckon Us to Bring the Tide /
Sovereign Hand Must Hold Me Now, I Plead
With You / Be My Soloace and My Guide...by
My Side

And I...will Walk With You / On the
Shores of the Land Ofpromise / That
Blind...men See You Too / I'd Sail a Thou-
Sand Seas to Make It So

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