I'm in a Kind of Foolish Game, I Try to Get Rich Quick,
But I'm Going Insane,
The Kind of Freaks That Hang Out On 42nd Street
They're All Pimpin' Judys and Poppin' Speed, Well
It's a Game of Cat and Mouse, and I Think It's Got My Soul,
I Think It's Time For Thinkin' 'bout a Time to Roll On
Down the Road

Here Comes Big Mike, I Kinda Owe Him Some Beans,
He Must Be Crazy, I Guess That's Why He's So Mean,
If I Tell Him I'm Leavin', He Would Sure Enough Split My Gut,
Cause He Knows I Sold to a Sucker, and I Owe Big Mike a Cut,
But I'll Slip Him a 20-dollar Bill Till I Get Out of Town,
When I Hit Those White Lines, I'm Gonna Be Gone Like A
Greyhound Down the Road

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