She Strides Down 7th Street
Smokey Night- Summer Heat
Commotion - Concrete Fires
Where Neon Souls Are Burning

His Whole Life- a Hung Jury
She Was the Crime- Wheel's Gonna Pay
She's Got Blue Steel; Cocked and Locked
She Is Justice- and Justice Is Burning

She's Turning the Tables Upside Down
She's Like a Flame, She's Burning Higher
She's Like a House On Fire
House On Fire

Wheel Feels Lucky- Drinkin' Blind
One Track Mind- Sheer Distraction
Steps On Cracks, Breakin' Backs
Nothin's Sacred On the Other Side

He Turns Left- She Turn Right
The Both Step Through the Veil of the Night
Cold Blue Steel Reflection
And Wheel's Got Nowhere to Hide

Players of Passion Playing With Fire
Streetlights Are Flashing But Who Are They For
Fisted Love Fueling Fantasy
Is Love Worth the Fire He's Asking For

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