The Fire's Inside Me- the Bridges Burn
Love Is the Lesson But Love Never Learns
And If It's All Up to Me in a Matter of Time
All These Memories Will Return

Try to Run a Little Faster-- Try to Reach For the Sky
Try to Come a Little Closer; Even If I Lose I Gotta Try

Inside of Me, Is a Man That I Knew
Who Could Rattle These Chains- Who Could Shake These Cages
Inside of You Is a Dream That I See
And the Echoes of Voices Are Calling
Inside of Me
Inside of Me

I've Captured the Nightmares That Burst in Your Bed
I've Run With the Horses Inside Your Head
But As I Turned to Walk Away, I Never Heard You Say
"We Are Hanging By a Thread!"

So I Skated in Circles Over Cracks in the Ice
And I Stand in the Shadows; Now My Heart Must Pay the Price

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