Well I'm Trying to Tell You About a Thing I Thought I Saw
It Came to Me in a Dream One Night
When a Voice Began to Call
I Heard My Name Being Summoned As I Looked Around to See
A Hooded Judge and Jury
There Was no Mercy There For Me
Well I Can't Make It, I Just Can't Figure It Out
This Dream Is Drivin' Me Crazy
I Gotta Know What It's All About
The Mark Is Upon Me, and the Mark of Cain Brings Fear

A Cold Wind's Blowin' Right Down My Back
I'm Runnin, I'm Runnin' From a Figure That's Dressed in Black
I Think My Legs Are Made Out of Lead
Cause I'm Runnin' But I'm Going Nowhere
The Bad Dream Is Coming Closer and Closer
I Got a Feelin' He'll Always Be There
Forever Is a Long Time to Spend in Agony
And the Demons of Confusion Have Got a Place For Me
The Mark Is Upon Me, and the Mark of Cain Brings Fear

I Was Tired, So Tired of Runnin'
I Had to Turn and Look Around
I Saw Eyes That Looked Right Through Me
And a Voice That Made no Sound
My Body Froze and I Stood and Stared, Unearthly Face Before Me
From the Depths of a Hooded Nightmare, I Saw What Could Not Be
Mysteries and Mayhem From the Pinnacle I See
There's no Answer When There's no Question
The Mark of Cain Bears Hard On Me

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