I Lost You a Long Time Ago I Tossed Our Love As Far As I Could Throw
I Can't Help Feelin Tentative and Blind
I Only Wish That You Could Read My Mind
I Need to Pitch It All Into the Wind
I Need to Face a Wall That's Cavin' In
I Need to Fall Fall Again I do Need You

Can Friends Be Lovers Can Lovers Still Be Friends
What About the Story When There Ain't no Happy End
Look Around Look Around and Tell Me
What Am I S'posed to Do
to Say Goodby'd Be a Big Mistake After
All That We've Been Through

Some Familiar Face Some Familiar Song
But Those Times Have Come and Gone
Sometimes I Feel Like My Memories Are
Only There to Let Me Know
That Bein' Lonely Is So Damn Slow
It's Like a Deep Dark Fever Dream

I Get Surges I Take a Midnight Drive
I'm Goin' Nowhere I Don't Care When I Arrive
I Got Questions the Kind That Got no Clues
I Think I Find the Answer On the Road That Leads to You

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