Public Warning, Whos In Town
Public Warning, All bow down

Im riding here on this beat
Cuz i don't give a monkeys wot u think about me
Its on
No long ting, its on
Ding dong, whos that, peekaboo its on
Ladies & Gentlemen this ent no experiment
Its the uneducated example of intellenge
By irelevance, means more than ur irelevance
Its evident, theres evidence
That I Am Bloody Execelent

Fast bit

Wif A Dirty backhander
If i discover you are a hater

See i told u that im better
memba wen betty bought i bit of butter
well im bringin a bit a better
a bitta gutter
a bitta uhuh
a bitta huha
A bit of everylittle dam thing


Crown me the pint size clown of the town
See ill huff n ill puff n ill blow ur house down
Or ill be the boogie woogie woman, in a boogie woogie gown
N ill boogie woogie you with my boogie woogie sound
Seeee i told u that im better
Memba wen peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers
well im pickin a bitter better
a bit of gutter
a bitta huhuh
a bit of evry little dam thing


Im that walkin dictonary
Im that talking theasuarus
Im that old skool, prehistoric sovasouras
avee it
i got a habbit of absolutley damagin any track wen i attack it
see i told u that im raw
memba wen she sold them seashells on the seashore
well im sellin a little more
a little raw
a little encore please while i drop it hardcore.

i dont wanna play nun of ur games

i wanna play all of my games

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