When the Sun Is in the Mid Sky, He Wears a Golden Crown
And He Soaks the World With Sunshine As He Makes Another Round
It's Been a Faster Yeard Than Yesterday, All Things That I Had Planned
And When I Think I Might Be Gaining I'm in the Sunshine Once Again

Well I Walk the Road of Life Among the Strong, Among the Weak
And I Ask Them For the Shortcut to the Answers That I Seek
But It Seems Nobody Understands What Is and What Will Be
Oh, the Questions of My Childhood Weave a Web of Mystery

Can You Get Me Through These Changes?
Well I Sure Don't Know About Life, But One Thng For Sure
All I Need Is You Babe, We Got to Get the Golden Key to Unlock the Door

I Don't Need to Face a World of Disillusion
I've Come to One Conclusion That I Know You Know Is True
In the Game of Silent Searching the Cost of Love Is Rising
And I'm Just Now Realizing I'd Be Better Off With You

It's a Game That I've Been Living, Now I Need to Know What's Real
Can You Help Me Find the Answers, Can You Tell the Way I Feel?
Will You Stay With Me Forever, Just Stay With Me Tonight
And We Can Talk About Tomorrow If It All Works Out Alright

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