I've So Much to Say, and Yet I Cannot Speak
Come and do My Bidding Now For I Have Grown Too Weak
My Weary Eyes Have Seen All That Life Can Give
Come to Me, o Young One, For You I Can Forgive

I Stood Where no Man Goes, and Conquered Demon Foes
With Glory and Passion no Longer in Fashion
The Hero Breaks His Blade

Cast This Shadow Long That I May Hide My Face
And in This Cloak of Darkness the World I Will Embrace
In All That I Endure, of One Thing I Am Sure
Knowledge and Reason Change Like the Season
A Jester's Promenade

Lying At My Feet I See the Offering You Bring
The Mark of Cain Is On Our Faces, Borne of Suffering
O, I Long to Hear You Say It's Not Been Wrong
I Stand Before You Now, a Riddle in My Song
The Answer Is That Sweet Refrain
Unheard It Always Will Remain
Beyond Our Reach, Beyond Our Gain

Trapped in Life's Parade, a King Without a Crown
In This Joy of Madness, My Smile Might Seem a Frown
With Talons Wrought of Steel, I Tore the Heart of Doom
And in One Gleaming Moment I Saw Beyond the Tomb
I Stood Where no Man Goes, Above the Din I Rose
Life Is Amusing Though We Are Losing
Drowned in Tears of Awe.

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