It's Woven in a Fantasy
I Can't Beleive the Things I've Seen
the Path That I Have Chosen Now
Has Led Me to a Wall
and With Each Passing Day
I Feel a Little More Like Something Dear Was Lost
It Rises Now Before Me
a Dark and Silent Barrier Between
All I Am
and All That I Would Ever Want to Be
It's Just a Travesty
Marking Off the Boundaries My Spirit
Would Erase
to Pass Beyond Is What I Seek
I Fear That I May Be Too Weak
and Those of You Who've Seen It Through
to Glimpse the Other Side
the Promise Land Is Waiting
Like a Maiden That Is Soon to Be a Bride
the Moment Is a Masterpeice
the Weight of Indecision's in the Air
Standing There
the Symbol and the Sum of All That's Me
It's Just a Travesty
Blocking Out the Light and Blinding Me
I Want to See
Gold and Diamonds Cast a Spell
It's Not For Me, I Know It Well
the Riches That I Seek
Are Waiting On the Other Side
There's More Than I Can Can Measure
in the Treasures of the Love That I Can Find
and Though It's Always Been With Me
I Must Tear Down the Wall and Let It Be
All I Am
and All That I Was Ever Meant to Be
in Harmony
Shining Through
and Smiling Back At All Who Wait to Cross
There Is no Loss

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