the planer´s lost and all I need to line
my bed with handkerchiefs to bay my
fatigue to build a case of true love lost
and lives erased to live guilt free in a
foretold destiny

he found a hill where he stakes his claim
and he´ll build a house where he´ll
martyr his children

the trees wheeze out the ocean rise
he´s gaining ground in his high-rise with
all proceeds from rewritten history in
fairytales he still believes

he breathes and thrives and he´s
immunized but he´s paralyzed and
he´s sure to die off soon running for
the middle higher ground but lower
while all his coasts are running off cold
waters boil mother earth´s rage his
house and family have washed away
where was his savior his promised
road he followed every rule they ever
sold he saw his world as a vapor life

we colonize and we multiply as we
suck it dry yeah we´re sure to die off

live it down live it down livid
live it down

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