Ancient woodlands,
Undefiled by axe,
In the black of it's heart,
The cave of Mars maligns,

Defended by evil,
Dark drakon Jsmenios,
Armored spiked scales,
Spitting toxic venom,

Kadmos found his soldiers, slain by the serpent,
Bodies ripped in pieces,
Fangs spraying poison, spreading wings and hissing,
Screaming as it sees him,

Terror, grips at his chest,
As it advances,
Hurling, a jagged rock,
Inflicts no damage,
Plunging the javelin,
Deep in its side,
Stabbing, it's monstrous spine,
The viper dies,

From the sky, the goddess Athene appears,
Bidding, "Plough the soil and plant the drakon's teeth",

From the Earth, armored men arise,
Born of Ares' coiled guardian,
Vicious fighters, with death in their eyes,
Violence with out boundaries,

Warriors, Black sons, Drakons, Champions!
Barbarians, Murderers, Phantoms, Spartans!

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