OK. Oh no! not you! What are you doing here?
Oh boys it's gonna be hard now... Can we put him in the back?
Robin, Robin, Robin...

I used to get dressed for you all, now I don do that no more,
I'm sorry...it's
a new day, I know he have the energy... Am I a joke?

OK so, ah... these are brand new songs, that a very few people
have heard hmm
very much about... you know, whatever... I been going trough and
what I been
learning lot of her, wonderful life lessons, you know, that are
easy to combine
but you're very blessed after you realize why you had to go
trough what you had
to go trough... is it very important that you really listen to
the words, you
know, and if you have a hard time to hear what I'm said please
rise your hand
you know something objected... whatever... you guys ready on
air? (All set) OK
...and I... you know, It's really interesting because I use
to...I use to be a
performer, and I really don't consider myself a performer so
much anymore, I'm
really just... you know I'm sharing... you know... more last the
music that
I've been giving, but if a stop, if a start, if a... you know...
feels like
saying ''baby, baby, baby'' for... heighten boozes...
whatever... you know...
I just I do that, but I Ok
You guys are cold? [Yeah!] Ok I'm¦ talking to people on my head
too, it's all
right doc? This is worth my ??ape lope??. Finish sucking my
Lozenge This
particular song is called Intentional will see, we tune
that now this is

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