You don't have to go
Please stay with me
Boy I wanna play
You ain't gotta go
Just stay with me

There ain't nobody here but you and me
And I must say I'm glad that you're here with me
We're so close and I got it so bad
I want to give you something that you never had
We're always together
We're never apart
You keep showing me new things
Stealing my heart
I'm tired of holding back and taking it slow
Tonight's gon' be different
I'm just lettin' you know
'Cause I want you to


C'mon let's be real you want me to
Ain't no reason to hide say what you want do
You like to kiss and I like to touch
We can stay here forever
'Cause I love you so much
Let's stay together
Let's never part    
You keep showing me new things
"Cause you're in my heart
We ain't gotta hold back
We can take it slow
Tonight is so different
I'm so glad you know
'Cause I want you to


Stay with me
Stay with me baby

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