C'mon we can do whatever we want
I don't mind do whatever you want
It's alright do whatever you want
I'm not gonna say no not tonight (bis)

No please say yes 'cause I need to feel you next to me
I need your love and I'm not gonna say no not tonight
Tonight is not the night that I'm gonna run from you
My body needs your touch and you're not gonna hear no not tonight
What I feel is taking over
I lost myself, I'm through
Can't control what I'm feelin'
'Been runnin; but I run back to you
Your eyes is like a mirror
I know you feel it too
Might be a sin tonight this yearnin' only ends when I'm with you


We keep playing games
A kiss here it's all the same
It's time to go all the way
I want to know what I've been waiting for
You move just the ocean
Your lips I can't ignore
Your hands might know the secrets
We ain't even deep and I want more
See we can't pretend like we don't want to taste the sweetness
Chocolate caramel ice cream on a dream float with red wine
My mind is somewhere else
My soul wants to explore
You look at me and it's over
No need for words
You know that I adore you


I'm not gonna say no
I'm not gonna say no
I'm not gonna say no
Not tonight
Whatever you want
Whatever you want
I got it for you

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