When i look back on where i've been
It's a wonder i survived
Those reckless nights
Not long ago
Trying to keep my dreams alive

There was no tomorrow yesterday
Getting nowhere fast

Burning my bridges
And buliding defences
Around my herat
I was alone in the dark but

I found love in time
You reached my heart
And changed my mind
Just before i crossed the line
I found love in time
Even though i'd givin' up
You came to me
And gently touched my life
You took my song and made it rhyme
Oh i found love in time

Driving down a texas highway
As the sun rose in my eyes
I didn't see the need for anyone
Now it's clear that i was blind

And i know how much i hurt myself
But i felt no pain

I needed someone
But i just kept running
So far away
It was almost too late, but

Repeat chorus

Now that you're here with me
I can't believe that i ever fought it
You make it so easy to be with you
You broke through, oh

Repeat chorus

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