I ain't trying to be no gangster
I ain't trying to be no hustler
Just remember i'm a soul singer
Might be rolling with my posse
My jeans might be hanging baggy
Just remember i'm a soul singer
I'm a soul man!

Bring me your pain and i'll find you a melody
Tell me your fears baby i'll sing you the remedy
Don't let the sun go down without thinking about me
I'm that doctor you call, just when you fall
Sweeping you off your feet. Yeah!


Lend me your heart, tell me just where you wanna go
I can make you dance, or just cry at home alone
When sweet love is leaving, gotta find somewhere to be
Have no fear, i'm right here
All roads lead to me


If you need some sexual healing (wake up, wake up, wake, up, wake up)
If you think it's time to let it go (get up, get up, get up, get up)
If your house is not home / I'll wipe the tracks from your tears
Lets stay together through the years

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Find me a melody, Listen!
Give me some Marvin!
Give me some Luther!
Give me some Stevie!
With a little Smokie!
Hit me with Teddy!
Give me some Otis!
Show me some Gladys!
Where's my Aretha!
Oh, I'll sing a remedy.

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