Hey hey hey

I'm stressing out over you
I'm gonna cum up over you
Get my fluff get my stuff
I'm working out not for you
I'm boozin up not for you
Up my hole an' get some coal

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
What did you say today?
Yeah yeah yeah yeah.... yee-haa!
What what what you say....do it now whoa!

I'm sucking it mmmm for you
I'm lickin it mmmmm for you
Get a ripple off my nipple baby
Strawberries and cream
Mmmm with sausages and pube pizza
Recipe for disaster


Doubled up with laughter
Doubled up with pain
Doubled up you bastard
Doubled up insane

Whoa.....keep it high now!
No, not the plate you buttered up gigolo, the PIECE!


Uh-huh-uh-huh-oh yeah!
Where else in the world?

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