All the shadows have made ladders
and all that mattered, yes all that matters
is lifted from view
as i'm gazing at stars
counting parked cars
i can't stop missing you

so leave the light on
i know you think i've gone
let time go
let the rivers flow you back to me
as we're living our own days in our old fashioned ways
i'm silently with you

round and round is where we go
and where we stop nobody knows
a drunken dream or broken seam,
it doesn't matter how you find me
my arms are reaching for you
and my lips are waiting to adore you
i promise to try

all the songs we (listen to me)
it won't escape me, please don't escape me
baby, i'm bound for you
as letters hit my door,
and my arm hits the floor
can you prove that i'm wrong?


please don't die, i promise to try
please don't die, i promise to try
the world is much better with you in it
world's much better with us in it

chorus (2x)

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