Along the sand, let's walk the shores together now,
Yes, hand in hand, it's gonna be fair weather now.
When the stars come out, stop,
To count them in the sky.

Love California nights when I'm walking with you,
Hand in hand by the shore.
Yes, I love California nights,
At the beach where we'd swim with the tide rolling in.

And there will be, beneath the midnight sky above,
Just you and me.
And we will whisper words of love,
While the fire lights softly flicker in the sky.

Whoa, California nights, with the breeze blowing in,
And time for love to begin.
I would miss California nights if I went on my way,
Thank you now, but I'll stay.

Ooh, baby.
I love you baby.
Mmm, baby.

Love California nights, always plus is a kiss,
Nothing sweeter than this.
And we'll spend California nights…(Fade)

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