Anywhere I go
Anywhere my feet take me
Your compassion never fails me
I've gotten so far away
Alone and close to giving up
Can I lay down these way not in vain?
Your love is the greatest thing
I will look ahead to see the truth in this
To see the truth in me
Closer, closer to you
I need it to last more than a moment, these times with you
The rhythm skips a beat, and I hold the weight of the world
To the touch I ache
To the look I seem to be a mistake
These mistakes I've made hold me back
From the days I should spend with you
To be long term and long lasting
To overcome the lines and rules
There are days where I'm right where I'm supposed to be
But mostly I am far away
I'm learning to live the way I should
I'm learning to love the way you would
And today it's been made clear that I've walked so far alone
It's easy to want something more
I will dive...closer to you...

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